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About us



Jelger Herder (Alkmaar, 1980) is interested in nature since he was young. In 1999 he met Maaike Pouwels (Zaandam, 1982) and since they go out photographing together. In April 2002 they bought their first digital camera and a passion was born. Now almost ten years further they take photos with professional camera’s (see equipment) and have already published over a 1000 photos (see publications).

They have a keen interest in coldblooded vertebrates. After his MSc study in ecology at the VU Amsterdam Jelger works for RAVON (Reptiles Amphibian Fish Conservation Netherlands). Here he works with passion for the conservation of the Dutch reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fish. The knowledge from his jobs is very useful for his photography were timing and knowledge about the habitat and behavior of species are crucial.

We like to go further than just recording species on photo. We try to capture behavior, habitat , environment, interactions and conflicting interests between nature , recreation and economic development. Documenting this on photo costs a lot of time and energy but is very rewarding!

Maaike Pouwels & Jelger Herder

This has resulted in a unique collection of all native Dutch reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fish, where a natural representation of the subject comes first. The fact that we already photographed all species doesn’t mean we are ready ! Instead, it gives us the energy to try to improve our photos and approach our subjects in a different way. Besides that we also focus on other species groups and aspects of nature.

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